What is ORP and -ORP?

ORP and -ORP is measure of oxidation reduction potential in a liquid, such as soda, water, green tea and coffee.

When a substance has a -ORP, it is through to neutralize free radicals, and uptake rogue oxygen atoms that may damage healthy cells in the body.

Quick Answer: ORP is the measure of the Oxidation Reduction Potential of a substance.

ORP Scale

ORP Measures Antioxidants, and Antioxidants Fight Free Radicals!

You may have heard that green tea is high in antioxidants, which is true.  On average a cup of green tea will have a -ORP of 120mV.

On the opposite side of the ORP scale is positive ORP.  A positive ORP will cause excessive oxidation, and free radicals in the body.  Most soda products (acidic) and carbonated beverages have a positive ORP.

Surprisingly, most bottled water actually contributes to oxidation, because it has a positive ORP.

Negative -ORP is highly reactive, and dynamic, and does not “stay” in solution for more than a few days before returning to a neutral, or positive state.  This why ionized water is best consumed immediately after it’s produced.  Ionized water will ‘go flat’ and loose and antioxidant qualities with a few days.

You can see the ‘off gassing’ of ionized water as oxygen bubbles begin to collect in a glass of ionized water.  As more and more of these oxygen bubbles collect and are ‘off gassed’ the -ORP will drop.

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0™ can create a highly antioxidant rich solution, with a -ORP of up to 800 depending on source water.  If you consume this water immediately after it’s produced by the water ionizer machine you enjoying solution that is substantially high in oxidation reduction potential (free radical neutralizing).

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0™ can create a water with a -ORP of 840, which is on the top end of the spectrum.  At the “daily drinking” setting you will enjoy a -ORP of approximately 300, more than 3x the antioxidants found in a cup of green tea!

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