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Air Water Life offers a variety of accessories to enhance your experience using an Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Water Ionizer. Below you will find replacement filters, external filtration, installation options, travel accessories and spare parts.

Installation Kits

LED Brushed Nickel

Under-Sink Kit

Standard Brushed Nickel 

Under-Sink Kit

Aqua Deluxe Reservoir Tank

(No Plumbing Required)

LED Under-Sink 

Installation Kit

Standard Under-Sink 

Installation Kit

Countertop Sink Kit


Dual Stage Fluoride Filtration

Tri Stage Filtration

18 Inch Bracketed Mineral Filter


Aqua Magic H2

H2 Magic Wand

H2 Power Puck

Replacement Filters

Activated Carbon OEM

Mineral Filter

Refresh Kit

18 inch Mineral  

Dual Stage Fluoride


Tri-Stage Replacements

Tri-Part Replacements


Antioxidant Retaining Bottles

Coffee, Fruit, & Tea Infuser

Drinking Water pH Test Kit

Descaling Kit


Faucet Diverter Valve

White Top Spout Kit

Gray Top Spout Kit

Thread Seal Tape

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