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Replacement Carbon Filters

Under Sink / Under Counter Kit


  1.  Remove all contents from the package.
  2. Cut water hose.
  3. Find cold water line, unscrew line, and attach 1 of 2 white t fittings securely.
  4. Locate metal nut, rubber washer and secure the faucet into the hole on your faucet. The hole should be standard 1.25in plumbers hole. Attach acidic lower spout to the faucet.
  5. Attach the white hose from faucet to the fitting we installed in step 3.
  6. Remove pre-inserted white hosing from inlet/outlet from underneath the ionizer. (this involves removing the blue chips, loosening the tension and pulling the hose out.)
  7. Screw onto the top swivel piece, the one-inch male fitting (comes with the undersink kit package). You may have to have an existing metal flexible hose here or a rubber stopper and if so remove.
  8. Insert blue hose onto piece we installed in step 4, take out the blue clip, push in hard (you will feel it seed in and attach blue clip back on.
  9. Insert red hose same way as we did the blue, to the bottom left of the ionizer (should have a red sticker there).
  10. Green hose too bottom right, inlet or power cord side.
  11. Plug into power, turn angle spout to allow flow and check for leaks.
  12. Enjoy!

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