Which water ionizer is best suited for my source water?

Our water ionizers work well with both city and well water sources, however you may want to consider adding additional filters to take dissolved solids and chemicals out of your source water – or – pretreat your water with minerals from our 12” mineral filter if your source water lacks minerals.

Quick Answer: Any model works great for both city or well water.  Reverse Osmosis systems however require a re-mineralization filter prior to water ionization. 

Do You Have City or Well Water?

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0™ and the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0™ both utilize the same technology to create alkaline, ionized water, and work well with city and well water.


However, source water that comes from a reverse osmosis system may lack the minerals, like Calcium and Magnesium, required for the diverter to properly function.

If your source water runs through a reverse osmosis system, you will need to supplement your water with the proper minerals prior to it entering the water ionizer for conditioning.  We recommend our 12” mineral filter (adds minerals to your water) if you wish to continue running your reverse osmosis system in tandem with your new water ionizer.

City water quality, or that which comes from the municipalities, varies greatly across the country.  While Las Vegas is known to have some of the worst water of in the states, Mt. Shasta, California residents enjoy fresh spring water through their taps year round.

If your source water tests for having a variety of chemicals and minerals you’d rather not have in your daily drinking water, consider adding a tri-part filter to your water ionizer purchase.  Our trip-art filters clean and treat over a 1,000 gallons of water per cartridge, and remove 99% of harmful toxins and chemicals from your source water prior to ionization.

If you have questions about what products we recommend for your source water, give our water ionizer specialists a monday through friday, 9AM – 5PM pst toll free at 1-888-601-5886

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