Reviews for Air Water Life® Alkaline Water Ionizers

Air Water Life® has been a leader in water ionization technology for over 8 years.  Over this time we’ve helped over 10,000 happy customers enjoy the health benefits of alkaline, ionized water.  Here are a handful of reviews we’ve received:

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“I’ve using my friends machine, I’ve decided to get my own.  And to be perfectly honest this machine has helped my voice, being a profession singer, and helped my stomach… as I suffer from acid reflux too sometimes.”

Chris | Air Water Life® Customer

“After using the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0™ for the last year, we’re very happy with how this water ionizer performs…”

Joe B. | Air Water Life® Customer

“I really wanted to use this for cooking.  It makes everything taste better, going all the way up to 11 pH.  Pasta, washing your fruit, washing your vegetables… using it to drink. Anytime your going to use water, in any situation, you should use this machine. ”

Dante | Air Water Life® Customer

“All I can say is WOW! Water just became the new soda at this grandma’s house. Before I bought my new water ionizer, the only thing the grandkids would drink around here was soda.   The grandkids and I love the smooth, clean taste not to mention I’m feeling better and saving a fortune on the bottled water I used to buy for me not to mention what I used to spend on sodas for the grandkids. Best purchase I’ve made in years!”

– Nancy, Rolla, MO

“Most important to me is that now I know the water my son’s drinking, and the foods that I’m making him are with the best quality water ever. Yes I would recommend your products to others because the water ionizer has been just wonderful…”

– Janice, FL

“Thank You to Air Water Life, I never realized WATER COULD TASTE THIS GOOD…”

– Kira K. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Customer

“This is the unboxing and setup for the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0® alkaline water machine by Air Water Life.”

– Craig S. | Air Water Life® Customer

Forest's Alkaline Water Testimonial

I just wanted to share with you that my husband Miles received one of your units for Christmas in 2012 and it quite literally saved his life. He was diagnosed with gastroparesis which literally means his stomach is half paralyzed. He was vomiting everything, including fluids and blood but the Drs. couldn’t find the source, even after swallowing a miniature camera to view his digestive tract. Two weeks after starting alkaline water, he started getting his strength back because he was finally able to hold food down again. He stopped having problems with acid reflux and his joints stopped aching even though he has Rheumatoid arthritis. Thank you for giving my vivacious husband back to me. Smiles. P.S. Our unit was stolen, yes they’re that good, so we’re getting another one. Thanks again!

– Tina L.

“I’d read all the articles online I could about water ionizers and how they work but to be honest medical theories were a little over my head. After using it for just a few days, I don’t care how it works, I just know that it does! I feel GREAT! It’s like a water filled energy box! Your water ionizer is my new best friend! I wake up, say hello to my Ionizer (‘Ion’ for short) and fill up my big water bottle and go to work knowing I am starting my day right.”

– Marley, San Diego

“Even though I bought my water ionizer for the alkaline drinking water, which is great by the way, I also recently discovered the benefits of all the other settings. I’ve been using the alkaline cooking setting recently and my soups and rice have never tasted better. Plus I’ve been watering my ferns using the acidic water setting and they’ve never looked bushier or greener! This a great product however you’re using it!”

– Carol, Sherman Oaks CA

“We called our English lab Forest,  our special boy as we had five girls and he was our boy.

He was an amazing  duck hunting dog & was so affectionate and laid back. We got a female dog, for him to have a buddy and named her Jenny as in Forest Gump. Life was great until we got the diagnosis that he had cancer. There was nothing we could do except radiation or chemo. Heck no! I had heard of alkaline water and its positive effects. My brother in law has a machine and used this water on his dachshund who had lymphoma. The dog had mass’s under each ear and was failing fast.

They gave him high ph water and within weeks the mass’s shrank and within months the mass’s were gone. They dog lived for years after all of this. I always wanted one of these machines. I asked my husband now that our dog had cancer can we get one. He said “yes do it.” We bought the Air Water Life alkaline water machine.

Forest wasn’t eating or drinking and was failing fast. Day after day we got him to drink more water. It took about two weeks to see change but we saw it. He seemed to have more strength day by day and seemed to be back to the energetic dog he once was.  He was suppose to only live one month at the most. He lived for another year and probably died of old age. He was thirteen. 

Anyway we were so amazed at the results and continue to drink the water ourselves. I Iove this water and wouldn’t want to go without it.”

– Wendy C.