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Reviews for Air Water Life® Alkaline Water Ionizers

Air Water Life® has been a leader in water ionization technology for over 13 years.  Over this time we’ve helped over 10,000 happy customers enjoy the health benefits of alkaline, ionized water.  Here are a handful of reviews we’ve received:

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5-Star Reviews

“I have been doing business with this company for a considerable period of time. During this time I have been very pleased with the outstanding service and friendly customer service. I am extremely pleased with both David and Mason’s instant response. I am especially pleased with both David’s and Mason’s instant response to a request for help. They go out of their way to be helpful. Thank you!”

Robert C. | Air Water Life® Customer

“Satisfied with product. Based on my own personal experience, it may be easier to contact a plumber to do the hook-up, rather than doing it yourself. I do recommend the product however.”

Lara H. | Air Water Life® Customer

“First of all the customer service is excellent. They were so helpful and friendly and patient. Anytime I had a question, no matter how many times I asked, they went over everything with me again, to make sure I understood. The machine itself has been a blessing. It actually has saved me money. Now I don’t to have to go out and purchase the water, I have it in my home. I get pain in my legs periodically, and I’ve noticed less joint pain since I’ve been drinking the water. 5 stars! I have recommended them to others.”

Brenda T. | Air Water Life® Customer

“5 Stars! Love the ability to use hot water. Happy with purchase. I finally purchased after thinking about it for a year. I would just like to say to others not to listen to the negative. I’m a diabetic and there has been improvement to my condition.”

Gregory S. | Air Water Life® Customer

“I have acid reflux. Since I’ve been using Air Water Life, I’ve noticed an improvement in my condition. There has been a reduction in acid, and the inflammation is a lot better. For me it was not just a matter of getting healthier, it was a matter of survival. I definitely recommend Air Water Life. Mason is great. I give them 5 stars. I love the product!”

Steve M. | Air Water Life® Customer

“Everything was excellent! Mason was great, always available when I needed him, he was fabulous. He’s my new best friend.”

Rosetta C. | Air Water Life® Customer

“About two months ago I bought a water alkalizer from Air Water Life. Our representative, Mason exceeded our expectations. He always had more information than what I wanted to know, but it was all stuff that I NEEDED to know. I have recommended their services and will continue to do so. The customer service was incredible!! I was very happy and impressed with their communication, which made everything very easy. I will highly recommend them vs. other competitors.”

Shawn C. | Air Water Life® Customer

“At least 7 months ago we bought Air Water Life’s water system. They met all our expectations! Every time I’ve called with a question, their treatment is excellent. Mason was our representative. I have Cancer, so he was very knowledgeable and thorough in that area. I’ve been recommending their services. Two of my friends have also bought a water system from them. We have no complaints on this machine; it’s been great so far!”

Christina G. | Air Water Life® Customer

“I am thankful for having purchased the 7.0 Alkaline Water Ionizer from Real Spirit. The water ionizer is easy to assemble, clean, and maintain. The water pH’s have been accurate and the reagents kit make it easy to check for accuracy. The pH range of 4 to 11 allows accurate water usage for all of my daily activities from cleaning my counter tops to washing my fruits and vegetable. My family and I use the Alkaline Water Ionizer daily and we are very pleased to have purchased it from Real Spirit. Just as important the customer service at Real Spirit has been wonderful from the time I purchase the unit, over a year ago, to present. Any questions or concerns that I have had, your staff has been wonderful in resolving the issues. Thank you, Dr. Cynthia”

Cynthia H. | Air Water Life® Customer

“Dear Managers and Members, On November 11th, 2013, I was shocked to receive a call from my liver specialist concerning some tests I had. I was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in my liver. My tumor marker was elevated and other blood work revealed it was cancer. I immediately started a organic juicing program, got myself on a strict herb program, bought a RIFE machine and a Alkaline water unit. In 3 weeks the tumor was dead, my blood work was remarkably better and the tumor marker level had dropped drastically into the normal range. I believe the biggest factor to this improvement so quickly was the Alkaline water unit. We know in natural healing how important it is to have your pH in balance. An acid condition in the body sets us up for a dis-ease crisis. The pH of 7.5 with a Reverse Osmosis, is not high enough to overcome this. I needed my pH to be in balance immediately. This unit I purchased for $895.00, I believe did this in record time! The unit is comparable to the Kangan unit, but it costs over $4000.00 and was not affordable…at all. It also is not a direct marketing product. Kangan has a pay out to distributors a total of $2150.00. This is not affordable for the average family! When someone is sick, organic foods, herbs and other needs are costly. Where I live, I was always buying Reverse Osmosis water, we have never drank tap water. I haven’t drank water from a tap in 33 years! The water in my area is full of the typical chlorine, ammonia and a variety of other chemicals and it is also very hard water. The Alkaline water machine needed to have a 3 stage filter system to take the stress off of the machine and to make the water taste good due to the hard water. There are 5 levels of drinking water, with different pH levels. Two levels of Acidic water that is great for washing your face and using for your plants that like a little more acid environment, like African Violets and Orchids. The 5 levels are: The Purified drinking water pH 7.5 Initial drinking water Daily drinking water Tea/Coffee Cooking I now only drink the higher alkaline level water at the cooking level. There are 2 acidic levels. The 1 that I mentioned for skin cleansing and for acid based plants. The 2 nd level is for household cleaning. It is amazing how well just that setting cleans everything without using cleaning products! I do so much household cleaning with just this level of acidic water. It cleans mirrors and windows with no streaking at all. This unit is available for $895.00. It can also be set it up to make 3 payments so that it is more affordable. If you use the code D1145Kim, the company will give you an additional $25.00 off on your unit. They also carry a Air Purifier for $299.00. This unit is a must due to the poor quality of the air in our homes. With Spring around the corner, everyone will be opening their windows and bringing in the outside air. Unfortunately, the quality of the outside air isn’t good in most areas of our country! The Denver skies are filled daily with Chem trails and this has become common in areas throughout the US. If you are interested in finding out more on these units please contact me at [email protected] or contact Greg @ 775-432-2861 or if you don’t have unlimited long distance, he can be reached at 888-601-5886 I am very impressed with the compassion of this company! The attention to quality and affordability, so people can attain and maintain their health. I am currently doing very well with my health. I am putting together the information of all the herbs, teas and juicing combinations that I did to regain my health. I will have that available soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email or you are welcome to call me at 720-469-2290 or on the business line for Unique Nutritionals at 720-280-0280. I’d also like to add, the team of Liver specialist over seeing me, advised me to continue with what I was doing. They have never seen something so remarkable in such a short time! Quality in everything is so important. I am so Thankful for Nature’s Sunshine’s commitment to the finest herbal products available and being so blessed to find Real Spirit USA’s Alkaline water unit!!! Best Regards to all, Kimberly A. Matteo, C.T.N., M.H. Certified Traditional Naturopath & Master Herbalist”

-Kim M.

“I’ve using my friends machine, I’ve decided to get my own.  And to be perfectly honest this machine has helped my voice, being a profession singer, and helped my stomach… as I suffer from acid reflux too sometimes.”

Chris | Air Water Life® Customer

“After using the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0™ for the last year, we’re very happy with how this water ionizer performs…”

Joe B. | Air Water Life® Customer

“I really wanted to use this for cooking.  It makes everything taste better, going all the way up to 11 pH.  Pasta, washing your fruit, washing your vegetables… using it to drink. Anytime your going to use water, in any situation, you should use this machine. ”

Dante | Air Water Life® Customer

“All I can say is WOW! Water just became the new soda at this grandma’s house. Before I bought my new water ionizer, the only thing the grandkids would drink around here was soda.   The grandkids and I love the smooth, clean taste not to mention I’m feeling better and saving a fortune on the bottled water I used to buy for me not to mention what I used to spend on sodas for the grandkids. Best purchase I’ve made in years!”

– Nancy, Rolla, MO

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