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How Does Ionized Water Differ From Alkaline Bottled Water?

You may have seen bottles of alkaline water at your local grocery store.  The pH of the water in the bottles of alkaline water you get from the store typically range from 8.0 to 8.8 alkaline, which is safe for drinking.

Quick Answer: The use of chemical pH buffers and the lack of antioxidants in bottled water.

Top 3 Reasons Why Ionized Water is
Better Than Bottled

Here are the main differences between Alkaline Ionized Water (from a water ionizer machine) and Bottled Alkaline Water you get from the store:

  1. Bottled alkaline water uses chemicals and pH Buffers.  Bottled alkaline water is made alkaline with mineral or chemical pH buffers added to the water.  Water Ionizers create alkaline drinking water naturally, and are chemical free.
  2. Bottled alkaline water has ZERO antioxidant value. Bottled alkaline water has a positive ORP.  Water ionizers create alkaline drinking water with a high NEGATIVE -ORP.
  3. Bottle alkaline water is a costs too much!  Bottled alkaline water ranges from $1.86 – $2.46 per liter.  After the initial purchase, a Water Ionizer will produce alkaline water for less than a penny per liter.

Another added benefit to making your own alkaline ionized water is the reduction of waste materials, and a smaller carbon footprint.  A lot of energy and materials are required to make and transport bottled water, which is partly why the cost is so high.  And since bottles of water are only used once, they usually go from the manufacturer, to the retailer, to you, into the trash.  Making a very short life-cycle for the product, one that may even considered wasteful.

You should feel good knowing how much money and energy you’ll be saving switching to ionized water.

If you drink an average of 3 bottles of water per week, and you stop drinking bottled water (because your making superior ionized water) you’ll save roughly $260 per year, and will have saved over 10 gallons of petrol from being used to create and transport the product.

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