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ionHealth™ Touch

Premium Antioxidant H2 Alkaline Water Ionizer

Made in Korea

Antioxidant Water

With a -860 ORP you can eliminate free radicals while repairing your body.

Variable pH

Choose the pH level you want: Ranging from 3.5 up to 11.


Designed to work with any kitchen, any area and on any water supply.

 $3495 $1895

  • pH Range 3.5 to 11
  • -860 ORP
  • SMPS Power
  • Molecular Hydrogen
  • Lifetime Cleaning
  • Intensive Filtration
  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping

Undersink Kit

Included Smart faucet controls the machine and displays type of water selected. Free up counter space while adding a modern look.

The ionHealth™ Touch premium alkaline water ionizer is Made in Korea, comes with a lifetime warranty. It features a powerful SMPS-type power supply. With 7 platinum-coated titanium plates this unit has the power to produce ph 3.5 – 11 water that’s loaded with antioxidant grade therapeutic hydrogen. Don’t forget to install the digital (Smart Faucet) under-sink installation kit with a countertop touch panel for the ultimate in convenience and control.

Premium Carbon Block Filter

Sediment Layer
Provides initial filtering by removing suspended Solids, rust, and particulates and sediments from the source water.
Carbon Block Layer
Provides activated carbon filtering to remove residual chlorine and other harmful substances such as pigments, odors, toxins, and byproducts of chlorines such as THMs, VOCs, etc.

Automatic Cleaning

No scale build up, no wait time. Automatic reverse polarity cross cleaning during operation means you never have to worry.

Under Counter Option

The ionHealth™ Touch water ionizer is a great addition to any kitchen. It can be installed under the counter or with this stunning touch-style faucet for easy access and convenience!

  • Easy filter replacement
  • Solid platinum coated plates
  • Energy saving SMPS power supply
  • Can handle all water quality types: Well & RO
  • Automatic cross cleaning system
  • 5 Languages to choose from
  • 120v/240v compatible 
  • Industry best lifetime warranty

Dimensions: 8.3″ (L) x 4.3″ (W) x 12″ (H)

Standing Weight: 13.5 pounds

Voltage: AC 110~240V. 50/60Hz, 100W

Power System: SMPS 100 Watts

Max. Operating Temp: 60C / 140F

Water Flow Rate: Recommended 2 liters per min

ETL Certified: If it gets plugged into a household outlet, it needs to be ETL certified by an independent laboratory as being electronically safe. Unlike many of our competitors who skip this important step, all our water ionizers are ETL certified safe.

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