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ionHealth Water Ionizer packages

Made in Korea, the ionHealth Water Ionizer line are the highest quality machines offered in the industry. With Medical Grade certification, they are capable of producing water with high and low pH and over -900 ORP (negative ORP). Features Antioxidant Boost Technology, Dual Filtration, and Micro-Clustering of the water. 

ionHealth™ Pro | Premium Package

$4,784.50 USD  $3,795.00 USD

ionHealth™ Touch | Premium Package

$3,784.50 USD  $2,795.00 USD

ionHealth™ Silver | Premium Package

$3,584.50 USD  $2,690.00 USD

Easy Installation

Package Includes

Water Ionizer

Antioxidant Boost Technology Low pH and High pH Water Range up to -900 ORP and 1600ppb H2 Limited Lifetime Warranty

Smart Faucet

Made for ionHealth Water Ionizers LCD Display with Bio-Touch Choose pH Setting Easy and Quick Installation

Filter Supply

BONUS: 2-Year Supply of Filters Features 10-Stages of Filtration Filter FL, Rust, Sediment and More NSF- Factory Rated

Pre-Filtration Kit

Remove 99.97% of Contaminates Works on All Water Source Types Great Tasting Clean Water 8000L Lifespan | 18 Months

2 -ORP Bottles

FDA Approved & BPA Free Plastic Retains Hydrogen & Negative ORP 32-Ounce Capacity & Flow Valve Optional Blue or Gray Color


Tests the pH level in Your Water Good for 20-25 pH Water Tests Encourages You to Test pH Level Vial, Dropper, and Chart Included