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Countertop Sink Kit

alkaline water ionizers

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Countertop Sink Kit

  • Installs On Your Countertop
  • Brushed Nickel Finish
  • Includes Required Connectors and Tubing
  • Suggest Retail Price: $299.95

Countertop Sink Kit

Air Water Life’s Countertop Sink Kit allows you to convert all water ionizers to sit on your countertop and connect to your cold water line underneath. Featuring a stylish design, residual dispenser spout, and full access to your ionizer on top of your counter. Included is all required connectors, tubing and detailed installation instructions to get set up quickly. Backed by a  1-year limited warranty.

  • Attaches to any water line

  • Fits in standard 1/2 inch hole

  • Replaces your soap dispenser or hand sprayer

Many customers want their ionizer on top of the counter for easier use or have a designer faucet that is not compatible. The optional countertop sink kit allows you to install all water ionizers on your countertop without using your existing faucet. The kit provides all the parts needed for installations. Electrical outlet required to power ionizer.

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