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Aqua Ionizer Deluxe

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Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 vs 9.0

The 9.0 has two additional platinum-coated titanium plates for a total of 9 plates compared to the 7.0 which has 7 plates. Power supply is another difference between the two with the 9.0 pushing out 350 watts of power compared to 150 watts in the 7.0. The combination of the additional power and plates translates into over 30% more antioxidants in the water, and more than 3x the amount of molecular hydrogen which is the main health benefit of drinking alkaline ionized water. Each machine is backed by a warranty and the 9.0 carrying a no time limit VIP lifetime warranty compared to the 7.0 a 5-year warranty. While the 7.0 doesn’t have the ability to have hot water run through it, the 9.0 allows you to use water as hot as your tap will go.

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Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 vs 9.5

The Deluxe 9.0 features a 350 watt power supply and the Deluxe 9.5 carries a 400 watt power supply and this increase in power is a key difference behind the generation of stronger, more negatively charged antioxidant production. The Deluxe 9.5 is the only machine in the Air Water Life line to feature Antioxidant Boost Technology, which increases the production of hydrogen at the drinkable pH 9.5 level from .75 ppm in the 9.0 to 1.5 ppm in the 9.5 – two times more molecular hydrogen! Diatomic Hydrogen is a building block of our bodies and acts as an extremely strong antioxidant to help keep our bodies healthy and energetic. Lastly, the Deluxe 9.5 carries unlimited lifetime cleaning which includes a full cleaning, re-calibration and replacement filter for your machine ($99 value).

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