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Aqua Magic H2 Hydrogen Bottle

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Aqua Magic H2 Hydrogen Bottle

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  • Perfect Hydrogen Levels
  • Combat Free Radicals
  • Hydrogen 800+ ppb
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Aqua Magic H2 Hydrogen Bottle

The Aqua Magic H2 is the perfect solution for those who want to continue enjoying antioxidant boosted water while traveling.  This compact unit is the size of a drinking glass and is calibrated to create antioxidant boosted, hydrogen-rich water while having portability in mind. The Aqua Magic H2 enhances your water by generating hydrogen when turned on. This water, at a concentration of 1.6 mg/L has more antioxidant molecules than 100 mg of vitamin C. The best part for travelers is that this cord-free unit is charged with a USB cable. The Aqua Magic H2 warranty is 12 months from purchase.

·        Significantly increases body hydration levels
·        Introduces antioxidants to source water to fight harmful free radicals
·        USB charging makes the Aqua Deluxe H2 lightweight and easy to use
·        Compact size for travel and healthy people on the go

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