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Alkaline Well Water Customers

Alkaline well water can be achieved with proper treatment. Every region across the globe will have slightly different water quality and contents.  In most areas, municipal water is regulated to maintain a relatively neutral pH of 7. For this reason, ionizers are designed and calibrated to work for this quality and level.

Not everyone is on city water and many households rely on wells for their water needs. Well water is not regulated and the quality and contents can be less predictable, but in general, the water isn’t as clean as municipal water and has a lower pH and minerals/TDS (total dissolved solids).


  • Re-Mineralization Filter

    Compensating for the lower pH and lack of minerals (TDS) can be achieved with a re-mineralization filter for the water prior to it entering the ionizer. Ionizers use the minerals found in water to separate out the high and low pH water into two separate streams, so bringing the pH of your well water to a level around pH 7 is imperative for any ionizer to function properly.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filter

    Reverse osmosis systems are incredibly intensive filters, so much so that they actually remove many of the minerals naturally found in the water. Testing water that has been run through a reverse osmosis system will show up as slightly acidic with a pH below 7. With the removal of the minerals that the ionizer needs to function it’s important that the minerals are added back into the water with a re-mineralization filter to achieve a high enough mineral count/TDS for the ionizer to function properly.

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Replacement Mineral  Filters

12″ Inline  Mineral Filter

18″ Mineral FIlter



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