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Alkaline Water Benefits

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water helps neutralize the acid in your body to help counteract the toxic substances that find their way into our bodies. By placing your body in an alkaline environment, it can finally focus on healing and fighting back.

Acidic water rehydrates skin and acts as an astringent which helps to prevent acne, skin marks, wrinkles and other skin problems. Great for cleaning such as your kitchen, glass, and other surfaces. Most plants and flowers also thrive on a lower pH water and prefer this environment.

Antioxidants are created at the same time as producing high and low pH waters. This is what some people would call the main benefit. Molecular hydrogen, oxygen, and antioxidants give the body the ability to heal and recover efficiently and effectively. Molecular hydrogen works deep within the cells, helping to combat free radicals and boost your immune system.

Quick Answer: Alkaline Ionized Water hydrates more effectively while boosting your metabolism and immune system helping you fight free radicals and lose weight.

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Alkaline Ionized Water is Up to 6x More Hydrating

What is Micro-Clustered Water?

Water molecules are composed of clustered atoms. These clusters vary in size, but generally look like a handful of golf balls stuck together. These water molecules are relatively large and their size makes it difficult to permeate through the cell walls, which is why when we drink a glass of water we feel full. The water is sitting in our stomach slowly being processed before being absorbed into our body.

During electrolysis in an alkaline water ionizer, water molecule size is nearly cut in half and creates what is known as micro-clustered water. This breaks down the water clusters into smaller pieces which are more efficient in hydrating and entering your cells.

Confused? Let’s break this down. Think of micro-clustered water as a marble, regular water the size of a softball and cell walls as a chain link fence. Marbles will pass effortlessly through a chain link fence where softballs would get caught trying to pass. The quicker the water can be absorbed the more hydrating and impactful the antioxidants are for you.

Micro-clustered water is also beneficial for things like cleaning fruits and vegetables. The smaller water cluster size allows it to break down the pesticides and herbicides on the outside of the food. These chemicals are waxy and designed to withstand rain storms, which is why regular water doesn’t remove them and why micro-clustered water is a far more effective cleaner.

Ionized Antioxidant Water

Negative ORP and Antioxidants*

It has been shown there can be health benefits by maintaining a diet rich in antioxidants and improved hydration.  Use your water ionizer to transform your water into an anti-oxidant rich solution capable of defending your body from free radicals.

• Increase in Energy
• Improved Blood Pressure
• Improved Digestion and Reduced Acid Reflux
• Reduce Inflammation
• Help in Controlling Diabetes
• Improved Sleep
• Better Memory, Increased Concentration

*These statements are based on testimonial reports and have not been verified by a licensed professional.

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Detoxification Benefits of Alkaline Water

Every second of our day, our bodies are constantly trying to maintain a neutral pH. Unfortunately, the majority of our lives are filled with acidic toxins like pollution and poor diets which forces our body to compensate and causes unnecessary stress. By drinking high pH alkaline water, we allow our bodies to more easily balance themselves. This balance allows the body to more readily process and detoxify itself without doing anything more than drinking water. The detoxification process is started immediately and you’ll notice yourself going to the bathroom a little more as your body begins flushing itself and recovering from years of harm.

Mint Alkaline Water Detox

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Alkaline Water ORP Chart
Alkaline Water PH Chart

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