In the simplest words no, there is no
Kangen Water® Scam.

Yet there may be some secrets Enagic® doesn’t want you to know about their Kangen® MLM…. On this page you’ll discover alternatives to Kangen®.

Learn how you can save money and make money with the Air Water Life® affiliate program and water ionizers.

The health and wellness industry is only going to get bigger, and as of 2007 the latest market trend reported it’s already “the new trillion dollar industry”. The following statistics show the break down and segmentation in retail sales for the top 3 segements in this industry:

– Nutritional: $31.5 billion – Food and beverage: $10.2 billion – Vitamins and Dietary Supplements: $20 billion

Water ionizers are the perfect product to cross-polinate and appeal to consumers in all three of these top health and wealth segements. Water in particular is under going a private “hush-hush” privitization by big names like the Bush family, who recently purchased the largest fresh water spring in the world.

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Ionized water is rich in free-radical fighting antioxidants, which is measured in -ORP. The higher the -ORP the more antioxidants are present.

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First thing “others” think is a Water Ionizer Scam or Alkaline Water Scam-

Does Size Matter?

Kangen ® people normally say the large size of their plates compared to other leading brand water ionizers are better. They then say that the larger size makes their plates more efficient and the reason their machines cost thousands of dollars more.

The truth is that there are really only two numbers that matter when comparing a water ionizer, pH and ORP.



Whether you believe there is a Kangen water ® scam or not these numbers do not lie. The first is the pH range, what is the highest alkaline and acidic water level the unit is able to generate.

The second is Oxidation Reduction Potential (OPR). Measured in millivolts (mV), OPR, is all about the Anti-Oxidants in the water. ORP is the tendency of and degree to which drinking ionized water helps reduce oxidation in human cells.

Tap water, as well as other food and beverage items especially acidic ones, with a positive OPR can cause the body’s cells to oxidize. Oxidization can destroy and age cells more quickly.

While, alkaline ionized water from a water ionizer with a negative OPR will help prevent and even reverse cell oxidization, such as inhibit aging and promote better cell and body health.


So let’s see if Kangen’s ® claims or the false Kangen water ® scam, about electroplate size translate to actual performance.

Enagic® Kangen’s ® bestselling SD501 ® Water Ionizer has a total plate surface area of 245 sq. inches and advertises the pH range as 2.5 acidic to 11.0 alkaline and it’s ORP range as from -800mV to +1200mV but injects chemicals into the water to artificially expand both ranges. Chemicals such as SALT and those FOUND IN BLEACH.


By comparison, Air Water Life’s ® Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0, with a combined electroplate surface area of 115 sq. in. has an all natrual pH range of 4.5 acidic to 11.0 alkaline and an all natrual ORP range of -840mV to +1000mV.

Based on the numbers that matter, the Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 matches the maximum alkaline pH level produced by the Kangen ® machine and out performs it at the all important Anti-Oxidant ORP level!

Better yet, we do it with less than half the combined surface area of the SD501 ® and without injecting chemicals (salt and those found in BLEACH) into the water to artificially inflate the pH and ORP ranges.

While we could argue the importance of solid vs. mesh plates all day, the bottom line is the same as when discussing plate size.


What matters far more than plate size and construction, is performance based on the water ionizer’s pH and ORP range capabilities.

And sadly for Kangen ®, we’ve already established that our leading water ionizer, the Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0, matches or outperforms Kangen’s ® SD501 ® on both drinking settings and saves you, the consumer, over $3000, in the process.


The Micro-Clustering Myth:

Perhaps the most blatant of the false Kangen water ® scams is the fact that the company’s representatives and publications have trademarked the term “micro-clustered®” or “hexagonal water ®.”

Because of these trademarks no other water ionizer can claim to produce these types of water. Even if the water has the same exact scientific make up because of the ionization process companies can still not say it makes the “micro-clustered®” or “hexagonal water®.”

But all Alkaline Ionized Water is the same.

As a result of electrolysis or ionization, normal tap water molecules which usually adhere to each other in groups of 10 or more molecules are broken down into smaller groups of 5 or 6 molecules as part of the ionized water process.

Micro-Clustering ® is simply a marketing term created by Kangen ® to describe what happens when electrolysis is applied to water. Most water ionizers including Air Water Life use essentially the exact same electrolysis process as Kangen ®, i.e., electroplates, to create ionized water.

We don’t use the term “micro-clustering ®,” but if this phenomenon occurs in the ionization process, it occurs in ours, and every other water ionizer on the market.

But, whatever you call it, it cost up to $3000 less to achieve it with an Air Water Life water ionizer as it does with the almost $4,000 Kangen SD501 ® water ionizer.

Multi-Layer Marketing Mayhem:

Is this another Kangen water ® scam? NO, just a different business practice.

So far we have;

1. Established Kangen water ® ionizer plate size and construction doesn’t really matter for drinking water ORP and pH.

2. Confirmed so-called “micro-clustering ®” is just a fancy, made-up term for the effect that can happen during the ionization process that all water ionizers have on tap water.

3. Shown that Air Water Life water ionizers match or exceed the drinking pH and ORP performance ranges of Kangen’s ® bestselling ionizer units.

So, obviously, in Kangen’s ® case, more expensive definitely does NOT always mean better and, if their sales agents try to convince you otherwise, it’s just part of the ongoing fake water ionizer scam.

The question you’re probably asking yourself as an informed consumer then is,

“Why in the world does Kangen ® charge so much for its water ionizer?”

The answer is that the high price of Kangen water ® ionizers have a lot more to do with the way they’re marketed and sold than it does with their cost to build the unit.

Kangen water ® ionizers are sold in multi-level marketing approach. MLM marketing can inject dozens of middle men into the process all trying to collect as much money as possible from the next person down the line.

Don’t get us wrong, SD501 ® is a fairly good water ionizer, however our Air Water Life water ionizers by contrast are produced to our exacting standards in our state-of-the-art ISO-9001 factory, shipped directly to you from our U.S. headquarters and sold directly to consumers live on the internet or through select retailers.

Because of our Factory Direct approach, unlike with the MLM approach, there aren’t dozens of middlemen and millions of dollars spent on multi-level marketing promotions jacking up the price of our water ionizers.

The choice is simple. Pay almost $4,000 for a Kangen water® ionizer or save yourself nearly $3,100 and get an Air Water Life ® water ionizer that matches or exceeds Kangen’s® drinking performance across the board for $895!

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