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Alkaline Water Education

What is Alkaline Water?

Quick Answer: Alkaline water is any water that has a pH higher than 7, generally created with minerals, chemicals, and buffers. This water lacks the antioxidants needed to heal.

You can make water alkaline by adding minerals like baking soda or using chemicals to alter the pH. Many people confuse this as a substitute however alkaline ionized water is the product from an alkaline water ionizer. This is created during  electrolysis and is the only way to create alkaline ionized water. Watch the video to learn more.

Why Alkalized Water is Better than Bottled

  • Bottled alkaline water uses additives, chemicals, pH buffers and often has a positive ORP value. Our water ionizers create unlimited alkaline drinking water naturally and chemical free.
  • Bottled alkaline water has NO antioxidant value carrying a positive ORP (oxidation) and lacks molecular hydrogen. Our Water Ionizers produce a negative ORP and loads of antioxidants like therapeutic hydrogen. 
  • Bottled alkaline water is costly ranging around $2 to $5 per liter. With our water ionizer you can expect to pay pennies to the gallon all well being able to make unlimited amounts of Alkaline Ionized Water.

Another added benefit to making your own alkaline ionized water is the reduction of waste materials, and a smaller carbon footprint.  A lot of energy and materials are required to make and transport bottled water which is damaging to the environment and costly. 

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Water Alkalizers

  • Removes chlorine, along with other toxins and chemicals. 
  • Electrolysis separates the water into two streams, one acidic and the other alkaline.
  • Water ionizers charge the water with antioxidants like therapeutic hydrogen. 
  • Ionizers reduce oxidation reduction potential ORP  which slows down the aging process
  • Micro-clustering breaks down the water helping the body absorb nutrients and minerals more efficiently. 

People are turning to alkalized water or alkaline ionized water as they search for ways to be more health and environmentally conscious. Plastic bottles contributes very negatively to the worlds health. Ionized alkaline water is created using alkalizers or water ionizers which transforms your tap water.

What is ORP?

Oxidation-reduction potential, or ORP, is a measurement that indicates to which degree a substance is capable of oxidizing or reducing a substance.  

  • Negative ORP: Indicates that a substance is a reducing agent, slowing down the aging effect while introducing antioxidants to help you live better.
  • Positive ORP: Indicates that a substance is an oxidizing agent which promotes the aging effect. 

Most water like tap and bottled water are oxidizing  as their ORP value is positive. Alkaline ionized water is anti-oxidizing as it has a negative ORP value. It is able to donate extra electrons to neutralize and eliminate dangerous free radicals. 

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