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How Does It Work?

Water ionizers create high alkaline and low pH water that is microclustered (smaller water grouping) and loaded with antioxidants like oxygen and molecular hydrogen.

During electrolysis antioxidants appear as tiny bubbles which present themselves throughout your water.

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Best Selling Package – 9 Plate Premium

  • 7 Healthy Water Settings: 4 Alkaline, 1 Purified and 2 Acidic

  • Choice of Installation Kit up to $299.95

  • Includes Dual Stage Filtration

  • Includes Two Antioxidant Retaining 1L Water Bottles

  • Includes Three Activated Carbon Filter & One Remineralization Filter

  • VIP Lifetime Warranty

  • Retail $2124.85 New Year Sale Pricing $1595 

SAVE $529.85!



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